The new normal…  

crossfit southampton

crossfit southampton

The new normal has no norms; it involves change, flux, and constant motion.

Since my departure from my business of 13 years, I have been shuffling my thoughts, my patterns and my ideas. The one constant is that I am working, lots. Weekends have become my new weekdays, with shuffles from one VIP home to another, from a bikefit, to a running gait-analysis. A quick stop for coffee and an egg/avocado wrap, squeeze a trail run in, a quick shower, and on to the next client. Early to bed on Tuesdays for Wednesdays trek into NYC at zero-dark-thirty. The 5am Jitney has a quiet gang moving into the city for work, for continuity with clients who do the summer-winter transfer to the Hamptons. I have joined a sub-culture of professional trainers, massage therapists, yoga teachers, educators, and other personal service specialists, who have a double life on the move, in the dark. A quiet nod to a colleague and friend across the aisle, an hour with emails, then a nap as the dawn sneaks up the window of the bus.

The evenings bring new elements to my life. After a long day of meetings, clients and ongoing PhD school work, last night I raced to Southampton to teach a Learn-2-Row class to the Crossfit instructors. If there is one thing that I have learned in my 21 years in clinical practice as a physical therapist, it is to constantly expand and grow. This year, I became certified in kettlebell and rowing instruction, as well as continuing my physical therapy skills with movement analysis and spinal manipulation courses. The rowing, however, has become a cornerstone for me, wedged between my personal training needs for long distance running /mountain biking, and my professional rehabilitation skills. A low-load full-body exercise regimen, it can be scaled up or down for almost all clients, from rehabilitation to return-to-sports. My 10-week-post-op ACL reconstruction client certainly differs from my Spartan race challenger with rotator cuff tendonitis, but the basics are the same. Get a rower. Get a coach. Learn the basics. Row.

Some basics that I reinforced with the gang at Crossfit SH, under the watchful eyes of owners Jay and John:

  1. Like fishing: two parts: catch, and release.
  2. The Catch: timing the slide so the legs are the primary drivers.
  3. The Release: tipping just under the bra line [the moob (man-boob) or bro-line for you brothas].
  4. The pivot: the CRITICAL hip hinge: swinging the torso from the forward (2 o’clock) position, to the rear (10 o’clock) position.

So many similarities with my other buddy, the Kettlebell, so wonderfully elucidated in Pavel’s book, the drive and the controlled release. Energy in motion. Want a lesson? Shoot me an e-mail. Don’t believe how it can transform your body? Come and suffer through Fridays “just row” class every Friday at East Hampton Exceed. BYOB. (bring yer own bucket).


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